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Tentang Honshu

Honshu Air Conditioner menyediakan produk pendingin ruangan berkualitas dan terlengkap. Melayani beragam kebutuhan pendingin ruangan sesuai kebutuhan dengan memberikan kenyamanan yang didukung oleh jaringan divisi servis yang luas dan professional.

Hingga kini, Honshu memiliki jaringan yang sangat luas meliputi area Jawa Timur, Jawa Tengah, DKI Jakarta, dan Bali. Jaringan ini berguna untuk memberikan kemudahan bagi pelanggan kami untuk memperoleh produk kami dan memberikan kenyamanan untuk layanan purna jual dari Honshu.

To be the leader in air-conditioning business with innovative, eco-friendly, and wide ranged products.
To make Honshu as a main choice to every family and to provide wide ranged products with a reliable after sales service.

In order to provide faster and better services, now we have five divisions:

  1. Sales and Distribution Division.
  2. Service Division.
  3. Spare Part Division.
  4. Research and Technology Division.
  5. Quality Control Division.

Some of our clients who proudly use Honshu products are:

  • Berry Biz Bali
  • PT Sirima Line Surabaya
  • Klinik Mata Smec Samarinda
  • Vita School Surabaya
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Continuous innovation is our characteristic. That's why we always do a continuous research and development to reach the optimal performance quality. With the level of quality we have, we have no doubt in giving a total guarantee to all of our customers. You can also count on our after sales service, because we commit to keep the spare part availability, until the tiniest parts.

Today, our innovation in research and development gives you better product quality, more healthy environment, and more convenience.


Tomorrow should be better than today. That's the spirit of our future plan policy. We always try to improve ourselves. We realize that low cost high quality product will never be achieved without any revolutionary steps. That's why our research and development department will always try to do the best to create spectacular innovations in energy saving and eco-friendly products. The 2003 launching of air conditioning products with ionizer is one of our success proves regarding to this policy.